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Blue Lotus Chakra Tuning

Blue Lotus Chakra Tuning


The Blue Lotus Chakra Idiopan is availble in 8" or 12". 
This 8-note steel tongue drum comes specially pre-tuned to Solfeggio Frequencies for use in meditation and Chakra tuning practices. Includes a pair of maroon mallets and display ring.

The Advanced Magnet Pack (included within) allows you to tune down to hundreds of different scales.

  • 8" Lunabell

    Item Weight: 3.6 lbs.
    Item Length: 8.13 Inches
    Item Height: 3.63 Inches
    Item Width: 8.13 Inches
    Origin: US
    UPC: 844731063398
    Packed Weight: 4.15 lbs.
    Ship Weight: 4.2 lbs.
    Ship Length: 10 Inches
    Ship Height: 6 Inches
    Ship Width: 10 Inches

    12" Domina

    Item Weight: 7.6 lbs.
    Item Length: 12 Inches
    Item Height: 5 Inches
    Item Width: 12 Inches
    Origin: US
    UPC: 844731063404
    Packed Weight: 8.75 lbs.
    Ship Weight: 8.75 lbs.
    Ship Length: 14 Inches
    Ship Height: 7 Inches
    Ship Width: 14 Inches

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