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Tongue Drums

Tongue drums are melodic percussion instruments with notes that are shaped by tongue-like cuts in the shell. These drums originated in indigenous cultures, in Africa and South America, utilizing wood as the base. Modern models are now cut from steel and other metals. Each brand of tongue drum has its own unique sound and can be played using either your hands or mallets.

All Tone, No Tank™


The very first Idiopan was created by musician Bret Hutchinson in 2010. Inspired by Dennis Havlena’s tank drum, Bret sought to craft a tunable percussion instrument he could incorporate into his musical projects that would produce a pure, clear tone with no “tankiness”.

After much experimentation, Bret developed the first and only steel tongue drum capable of tuning to hundreds of scales with its unique magnet tuning system — providing warm, rich, pure tones ideal for harmonizing with any instrument.

Bret later teamed up with Max Kundrat of EnSoul Music Designs to develop a full line of high-quality, tunable steel tongue drums.

Crafted in Fl, USA

Many Moods, Many Scales

Idiopan steel tongue drums can be tuned to suit your mood. Relax and meditate to the soothing tones in A=432 Hz or energize yourself with the uplifting sounds of bright and colorful major scales in A=440 Hz.

All tongues can be tuned to several pitches, allowing you to easily tune your Idiopan steel tongue drum to hundreds of scales — no tools necessary.

Included with all Idiopan tunable steel tongue drums are a pair of mallets, a standard set of preinstalled tuning magnets, and a silicone display ring.

Handcrafted in the USA

Idiopan is a proud partner of EnSoul Music Designs (formerly Mid-East Mfg.) — a family-owned and operated music development company dedicated to enriching lives with instruments inspired by cultures around the world.

All Idiopan tunable steel tongue drums are proudly handcrafted with American steel at EnSoul’s facilities in Palm Bay, Florida.

For more information about Idiopan and Ensoul Music Designs, feel free to contact us at, or give us a call Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 321-724-1477.

Rav Vast


The Rav Vast tongue drum is the ultimate hybrid of a tongue drum and handpan. The notes are cut into the steel like a traditional tongue drum while the shape and size is that of a handpan. If you're looking for both but cant decide, the Rav Vast is your happy medium! Known best for its long sustaining notes, this drum is perfect for your sound healing and meditation gatherings.

Crafted in Perm, Russia


Worldwide delivery

We ship anywhere around the world. Standard shipping via EMS takes 11-18 days. If you want to receive the instrument faster, you can choose DHL shipping (5-7 days).


Waiting time

The waiting time for your order depends on whether we have the tuning you ordered in stock. For the tunings that are in stock it's about 2-3 weeks for delivering, while for the tunings that aren't in stock it's about 4-8 weeks long after placing the order.

The waiting time is approximate and can significantly change due to circumstances.


Customs clearance fee and other taxes

You may have to pay the customs clearance fee when your order comes. Please check your country's import policy to find out the amount of the fee and the other taxes.



Our packaging is durable and damage-proof. We guarantee your RAV Vast will be delivered to you safe and sound.

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