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12" Domina

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Zimbadayo is committed to connecting you with your inner musician. Aside from our product line encompassing instruments from around the globe, we also offer lessons, host workshops, and book private sound healing sessions. Whether you have never held an instrument or are a seasoned professional, Zimbadayo has a variety of instruments to inspire the music in you.


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Zimbadayo was established by artist and traveling musician, Dustin Borlack. In his youth, he would say “Zimbadayo”, an expression of excitement for life. Something particularly alive whenever playing music. It is now his mission to help you find the rare world music instrument that you have always dreamed of, from handpans to didgeridoos. As well as virtual lessons on how to play and master these instruments. 

I've wanted one of these for years. I purchased the 12" Domina idiopan with the plan to incorporate it into my yoga and meditation classes. I am very pleased with my purchase. It sounds and looks even better in person. Photos and videos do not do it justice. Great craftsmanship. I feel the price was a steal!

Beverly, @bodyworkbabe

My first idiopan was a Lunabelle, which was great for playing for myself. When I started to hold space for a room, the Domina was a necessary upgrade. So now the 8" is my son's drum and he loves it!
We can also have fun playing together so I definitely reccomend this for other parents as well as fellow sound healers or space holders.

I love having the Idiopan out in my yoga room as I use it to tune into my meditations. I also have brought the drum to classes I teach. I added the pick-up as an additional modification, but honestly it resonates so vibrantly that I rarely use the pick-up. If you do want to record or plug it into an amp, you can add that feature.

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